Top 4 Things to do While Stoned

It goes without saying that for the average cannabis consumer, that everything is a little better after smoking. But, the purpose of today’s article will be to focus on the top activities we think are best to do while high off of that sticky-icky.

To begin, we think there is always the entertainment factor and that’s why ‘Netflix and Chill’ will take the number 1 spot! There is nothing better than you, free-time and a bag of your favorite weed watching your favorite Netflix original or throwback classic. Now, some might say, aren’t you just feeding the stereotype of a lazy stoner? And to that we say, adults can chill too, let’s all just calm down. As adults, we work hard and live life with constant responsibilities. We all definitely need our down-time in general and what better way than expressing your freedom in your own home! You don’t even need to wear pants!

Now, let’s dig into how we can stay fit while stoned! Stoned hikes and workouts are where it’s at for our favorite physical activities. The casual joint while hiking through nature is probably one of the most freeing feelings one can have; it’s nice to escape for a second from our daily digital grind and get back to feeling one with Mother Nature. I also will say that, I almost always go to the gym stoned. Headphones in, pre-workout pumped, and a nice rip or three; I am on my way and no one can stop me!

Third is simple. When you’re stoned, food just tastes so much better, even the boring stuff! So, eat up! Eating while stoned takes the culinary experience to the next level. Obviously, the term ‘munchies’ has some sort of truth to it and and increased usages of marijuana can increase appetite in many users. But, overall eating while high is like having all the answers to the SAT’s or like, running a red light and not getting a ticket. It’s just a no brainer. Eating while stoned just works.

Lastly, we really want to tap into the creative juices of all our Prettypotheads and captive audience.  Creating and smoking weed are like bread and butter plus jelly! Creating while stoned can bring music, art, videos, and photography to life in a whole new way you were never expecting. So keep your third eye open and expand your expertise with painting or piano classes while stoned! Please comment below and let us know your favorite stoner activities. We would love to hear about what you’re doing while blazing as well.