Introducing Prettypotheads

Prettypotheads has decided that it’s time to hit the internet waves and launch our blog in 2018! We need some live dialog. So, here we go! It’s time to hit the streets and blaze towards our bright future 2018!

There is so much that we have appreciated along our journey. Mainly, all the supporters and fans! We make great content for you to enjoy and our fashions our inspired by you all.

Over the past two years we’ve learned a lot and the marijuana industry and want to start sharing! We do not know it all or even kind of know it all but it’s definitely worth talking about wouldn’t you agree. And believe us the industry is is still growing like crazy! We’ve been lucky enough to witness so many new things.

Prettypotheads has witnessed pioneer states like Washington & Colorado. As well as states that have since legalized/recreationalized: Oregon, Nevada, Maine, & Alaska. And 2018 is big year because it is the year of Californication! California has legalized marijuana use for 21+ audience. Finally, joining the elite few states in America who reign recreational. Prettypotheads is proud & the west is united once more!

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Prettypotheads wants to help everyone learn and it’s time we start educating by sharing what we know. That’s why we started this blog and we are so glad to finally get it rolling.Thanks for listening & BLAZE ONE it’s a party!