Help Your Budtender Help you

For most people in states like WA, CA or CO, going into a dispensary can be a liberating & ritualistic part of the week. But for those that have never been before, it can sometimes be an intimidating experience. But don’t fear. We interviewed a couple of our favorite @prettypotheads to help answer a few in-depth questions on how to make the process as enjoyable as possible for both patient and budtender. 

     Budtenders are a unique type of employee with lots of knowledge to share. Many are masters in certain areas, where others are new to the industry and are just trying to push inventory based on their dispensary goals. Overall, our @prettypotheads suggest you try lots of dispensaries until you feel comfortable with the budtenders, products and overall vibe of the experience. Every dispensary has a wide variety of expertise when it comes to providing information on marijuana, consumption and caring for patients. So be sure to ask lots of questions. 

  Your budtenders are trained to effectively and efficiently pin-point the best options for all types of care. The most successful budtenders create regular, returning customers that will make you feel comfortable and keep you coming back for more. Many will be moved into managerial positions, and even get nominated for special awards like ‘The Budtender Awards’.

At many popular dispensaries the wait times can be a little daunting but quality never came without a price, right? So be sure to prepare or review an online menu prior to your first experience. We asked our budtenders a few questions on how to effectively speed up the process for everyone! A lot of patients fail to remember that budtenders normally work a full 8 hour shift answering the same questions after questions.

“What is the most common question you get asked?”

@Madam.Mota of Daisy Origins Cannabis in West Seattle said, “What’s the dankest stuff I can get for cheap?” And she said, “The biggest difference in the industry is definitely quality vs. quantity.” 

Shelby Rowe (@smr_woo), GM of One Plant in Atwater, California she usually gets asked, “Why are the taxes so high?” 

Her kind response is, “Unfortunately that is what happened when people voted for prop 64; it implemented state taxes, sales/excise tax, and local taxes (per county).”

I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that not every budtender is the same. Some have a gift and can put a smile on no matter what, where others are quicker to offer up their opinions and possibly a bit of dispensary banter. 

“What is your #1 pet-peeve while budtending?”

Shelby shares that she is not a fan of the bartering that takes place sometimes. Her #1 pet-peeve is, “when patients try to negotiate prices with you as if you’re a street dealer. They have prices and deals for a reason so the company can stay in business and negotiating prices is really not an option, unfortunately.”

@Madam.Mota’s #1 pet-peeve is, “when someone asks for a high THC flower that’s over 25%. That gets tough because it’s not all about THC! So we try to educate everyone that walks in, the why.”

Although there can be some frustrating parts of the job, we all know that it does pay off in many ways. 

“What is the most rewarding part of the job?”

@Madam.mota is proud to say that, “as a MMJ consultant, just hearing positive feedback about the products that worked well for their specific needs.”

Shelby said she loves, “meeting new people and helping people out with their health or desires. I do believe cannabis is a phenomenal medicine and it really makes the world a happier place. So, seeing that I genuinely helped someone out is really exciting! Not only that, but having people remember you and your recommendations is flippin’ awesome too!”

Both ladies seem to have similarities when it comes to enjoying the rewards of their jobs. Being knowledgeable and versatile is one of the most important parts of being a successul budtender. From different strains to different brands and everything in between, it is very hard and takes a very long time to become an expert in this growing marijuana economy. 

“What is the most popular product sold besides flower?”

Shelby sees that in her shop, popular items can range from wax to edibles. She said, “it really depends on the area. I notice people that have a higher tolerance make way towards wax and edibles because it’s more potent and more of a controlled dosage.”

@Madam.Mota notices of Seattle said, “besides flower, probably cartridges! Everyone loves the discreet way of getting lit.”

If you have made it this far you either are really interested in the art of budtending or you are a patient interested in making your first trip to your local dispensary! If you fall under the first time patient category, look no further because we have your number 1 piece of advice in order to make your first visit an enjoyable experience!

“What piece of advice do you have for a first time patient (FTP)?”

@Madam.Mota says, “take your time looking around and ask questions! It’ll definitely give you more confidence on selecting the right products without being overwhelmed.”

Shelby says that all first time patients should, “expect something different when walking into different shops. Most shops are never absolutely the same unless they’re sister shops. Every shop may have different pricing, different products/strains and a completely different vibe! Some shops seem nicer and slower than others and some shops seem cheaper and more of a faster pace than others. And always bring cash! Most shops only take cash due to dispensaries being technically federally illegal.”

Thank you to all of our budtenders across the country consistently serving their communities no matter what. Rain, snow, holidays, weekends, and even pandemics! Your local cannabis dispensary works harder than you realize to stay open for you! Don’t forget to nominate your favorite budtender for the Budtender Awards 2020 held this September. Stay Blazing!