For many people that are actively thinking about being a part of the cannabis community, the idea of being a budtender might seem like a sweet dream or even something on your stoner bucket list. I mean, it’s definitely the first step to marijuana fame or fortune, right? Well, let’s start with what the position really is and how you’ll want to navigate your first position in cannabis.


Today, I’m going to dive into the roles & duties of the average budtender. And coming from a background of working at a variety of dispensaries in LA you can count on this as solid info. The worst stigma I encountered was that all budtenders are stupid, lazy, stoners or all the above. But, I’ll let you know that that is far from the case. As a budtender you need to know your stuff and there is a lot of stuff to know including: strains of flower, benefits of different strains, THC & CBD comparisons, math & accounting, customer service, patient confidentiality, customer symptoms and recommendations on medicine, etc. You can’t be the budtender that sounds like all you want to do is get to your next break to buy some wax and get stoned because next thing you know “You’re Fired,”…Remember it is a job!


The life of a budtender is far from free edibles and taking dabs all day. Unless you’ve experienced the hours behind the counter, customer after customer with similar and varied needs it’s hard to tell how taxing the role can be. It is a very exciting and rewarding job, though, in terms of giving customers an experience that could be completely out of the ordinary when it’s their very first time. YOU could be the person that opens up a whole new world for them! And they could then be a consistent, returning customer all because of your first impression. But, there are many cleaning tasks and daily inventory checks that are not only time-consuming, but tedious as well. There was always that irie feeling in the back of your mind too, seeing that little camera in the upper corner of the shop. You always knew the boss was watching and you NEVER wanted him to catch you NOT working. 


The most successful dispensaries hire smart individuals that can actually educate customers on products and the benefits they bring. So, don’t forget these things next time you’re at the shop about to ask for an application. And a big part of getting your first dispensary job has to do with your interview. For tips and tricks on How to Get Hired to Work in the Legal Cannabis Industry check out this article from Leafly on the basics that should land you the job, hoping you have some basic social skills. Hope this was helpful and gave you some new insight on the life of a budtender. Last but not least, a lot of shops have these things called ‘Karma Jars’, basically a dispensary tip jar. Share the love; be nice to your budtenders. The cannabis culture needs more people that are nice to their budtenders…stay lifted!